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LIFE  is better together.

The purpose of life groups is to create healthy relationships by growing our relationship with God and others through fellowship, the study of the Word, and prayer. Our church offers life groups throughout the month here at Kings Chapel West Virginia. 



Men of all ages come together to sharpen one another in their Christian walk through

the word of God and ministry.




* See Pastor Brad for info 

Leader : Pastor Brad Riser

Meeting : Every 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month

Location : Church

Time : @ 7PM 


Embrace Sisterhood

Join us as we EMPOWER women to EMBRACE God, Others, and Their Call! 

Invite your sisters, BFFs cause itʻs girls day and you donʻt want to miss out on the fun!

*See Minister Mara for info*

Leader : Minister Mara

Assistant: Angela Mordan

Meeting : Every 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month 


Location : Upstairs Living Room


Time : @ 7PM


Relentless Lifegroup is open to anyone. This will be 12-week series on what it means to be Relentless for God & pursue Him. Exploring the Word to find the power you need to never give up. Amanda & Tyler will be leading with John Bevere's Relentless curriculum.
*Bring your Bible, notebook & pen/pencil and come expecting.

Leader : Amanda Spero

Assistant: Tyler Hartzell

Meeting : Every other Thursday, starting 4/25/24

Location : Home location will be sent to you

Time : @ 7PM 

See Leaders for location & questions

Hula & the word

Hula & the Word lifegroup is a great way to combine the joy of dance with the power of scripture. Through movements & choreography, we can express our praise & worship to the Lord.

Kids Class (Ages 5 & up)

Adults Class (18 & up) 

*See Minister Mara for location & questions*

Leader : Minister Mara

Meeting : Every 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month


Location : Home Location will be sent to you


Time : Kids @ 5:00-5:30PM

Adults @ 5:40 - 6:30PM

young adults

Young Adults ages 18-29 meet to learn more in the Word of God and about leadership.

Leader : Miranda Riser

Meeting : 2nd & 4th Friday's of the month

Location : Riser Home (you will be contacted with the address)

Time : @ 7PM 


If you are interested in personal evangelism, street ministry, or assisting an KCWV outreaches, we would love to have you join our team.

Leader : Brad Riser

Meeting : Every 2nd Tuesday of the month

Location : Sanctuary

Time : @ 7PM 


Become an overcomer in life by gaining knowledge of the Word, the power of God, and how to apply it to our lives. Receive encouragement & strength from the testimony of others of what God has done for them.

Leader : Stephen Robbins & Ministers Lihau & Mara

Meeting : Every 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month

Location : Sanctuary

Time : @ 7PM 


If you're headed toward marriage, married for a week, or have spent a lifetime together in holy matrimony this life group will empower and enrich your marriage and equip couples to demonstrate God's love through the covenant of marriage. In an open forum, we will live, laugh, and learn together and ultimately grow and strengthen our relationships.

Leader : Don & Beverly Jersey

Meeting : Every 3rd Friday of the month

Location : See Don Jersey

Time : @ 7PM 

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