2022 Fasting & Prayer


How do I get the most out of this time of prayer and fasting?

Keep a journal/notebook to write the scriptures read below and what you feel the Lord is speaking to you on each passage. Read each prayer point and ask the Lord to reveal His will to you concerning each one as you read the coordinating passage. Don’t just read the prayers out loud, but read them first and then pray in your own words from your heart. Take the time to meditate on each one and once you pray to the Lord, quietly listen for His speaking/impressions/guidance to His truth in your life. Continue to pray throughout the year for these things, not just limiting it to this time of fasting. Be sure to include your own prayer points that you are believing for this year for your own personal life as well. 

Individual & Family

WEEK 1 Prayer Points & Reading Plan

  • Father, as I begin this fast, anoint me with the Spirit of wisdom, of might and power, of counsel and understanding, of knowledge and the fear of the Lord. Give me insight and revelation. Enlighten the eyes of my heart that I may know the hope that you have called me and the great power that is at work within me.


READING PLAN: Isaiah 11:1-5 ; Ephesians 1:17 – 3:21


  • These passages have to do with our character of Christ and living these out by walking in the Spirit. Holy Spirit which fruits/characteristics of the do you want me to work on this year to be more like you? Father, give me grace to grow in strength in these areas: _____________________________________________________________________.


READING PLAN: Romans 5:1-5 ; Romans 8 ; 2 Peter 1:3-10 ; Galatians 5:16-26


  • What roles (now and in the future) do I have? Father, how can I do better as a wife/husband, parent, son/daughter, employee/employer, etc.? What do I need to change? Father, make my family stronger this year in these areas: _____________________________________________________________________.


READING PLAN: Ephesians 5:22-33 ; Ephesians 6:1-9 ; Colossians 3:18 - 4:1



  • Father, I repent for looking at any situation as impossible or too difficult to turn around. I choose to begin today to PRAISE you for the victory concerning this situation in my life: _____________________________________________. Just like you gave the “impossible” victory to Joshua, Jehoshaphat, Paul & Silas in their PRAISE, I know that same victory is mine through my PRAISE.


READING PLAN: Joshua 5:13 – 6:27 ; 2 Chronicles 20:1 - 30 ; Acts 16:16 – 40


  • Father give me wisdom to know how to advance into the next promotion/level/schedule shift/position/job/business venture in my life. Joseph and Daniel worked with excellence, kept their integrity and honored you in everything they did, despite the circumstances, and were promoted. I choose the same path. Father, give me wisdom on things I need to apply/change in my life that may be holding me from my promotion. Remove any hinderances blocking me from my success. Highlight my work to my boss and give me favor with those around me.


READING PLAN: Genesis 37, 39-45




Our Local Church Body

WEEK 2 Prayer Points & Reading Plans

  • What are the things God commended the church for and what things did He warn the church of? Are there any areas in our personal lives that need adjusted or uprooted in order to love Him greater?


READING PLAN: Revelation 2 & 3


  • The Holy Spirit was the catalyst to the explosion of church growth and boldness in the early church. Ask God to fill you and King’s Chapel congregants afresh today and throughout the year. Grow us and multiply us this year.


READING PLAN: Acts 1 – 4


  • Love is the core of who we should be as Christians. It is our love for one another that shows the world that we truly belong to Him. Ask the Father to reveal His love to you in greater measure and how you can love your brothers and sisters in Christ more deeply. If there are ANY seeds of unforgiveness or bitterness toward anyone at all, repent and ask the Lord to heal you.


 READING PLAN: 1 John 1-5

  • Father, multiply our leaders this year. Put a servant’s heart in me. Anything that is selfish, I ask you to point out and uproot in my life. I recognize that you gave all for me, and I want to give all to you by serving the body of Christ in greater capacity.



  • Father, increase the anointing in our services to see signs, wonders and miracles be multiplied in our church. You told us that we would do the same and greater works that Jesus did so we are expecting of the working of power in our services so that people will be set free, delivered, and healed from any form of affliction.


READING PLAN: Matthew 8 & 9 ; Mark 5 ; Luke 4, 5, John 4 & 5


Global & National Government

WEK 3 Prayer Points & Reading Plans

  • Father, we pray for godly men and women to be raised up who fear the Lord and are filled with the Spirit to occupy offices of influence in this nation. Put a desire and a burden in them to carry the assignment of holiness into their counties, states and this nation.


READING PLAN: Esther 1-5


  • Father, we pray that every person with an antichrist agenda to lead this nation astray and away from you will be removed miraculously from their position. We pray that the turning of this nation will cause unbelievers to see your hand at work and turn towards you. Put a reverential fear of God into the homes of this nation again. Let the church arise from its place with boldness to take back this nation.


READING PLAN: Esther 6-10


  • Father, we pray for godly men and women in this nation to stand with boldness against the enslavement of our nation. Just as the four Hebrew men did in the time of Babylon with great boldness, we pray for the same boldness to arise in the hearts of the godly. We pray for the godly to stand for freedom in other countries around the world. For those that are willing to face extremities for release of the captives. We pray that the prideful will be brought low and the wisdom of the Lord to be honored around the world.


READING PLAN: Daniel 1-6


  • Father, we pray for whole nations to turn just as you turn Nineveh. Raise up prophets that will counsel kings, princes, and presidents. As they honor you, open supernatural doors for them to speak wisdom into their ears. We pray that leaders and governing officials will overturn wicked laws and establish ones that uphold your holy Word. Send revivalists into the lands and turn the hearts of the people to you.




  • Father, we pray for the global church body and its leadership. We pray that any that have gotten lukewarm, to receive the fire of the Holy Spirit in their bellies. We pray that those that have been faithful will be rewarded greatly; cause them to expand their reach and influence. We pray that each one will be given wisdom to operate at larger capacities. Release apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers into every dark and hungry area of the world for ministry and protect them by the armies of heaven to do mighty works.


READING PLAN: 1 Timothy 1-6